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Black Bean Brownies - lovingly borrowed from Weight Watchers From the kitchen of kelpiep

Prep Time: 7 min

Cook Time: 30 min

24 servings - 4 points per serving

  • 2 sprays cooking spray, flour kind preferred
  • 1/2 can black beans, drained & rinsed
  • 1/4 c strong black coffee
  • 1/2 c unsalted butter
  • 4 oz bittersweet chocolate
  • 4 lge eggs
  • 1 1/4 c sugar
  • 1 t vanilla
  • 1/8 t salt
  • 1 c ww pastry flour

Preheat oven to 350ºF. Coat a 9” X 13” pan with cooking spray; line with aluminum foil & coat the foil with cooking spray. (I don’t know if this was a mistake or not!!)

In a blender or mini-food processor, process beans with coffee until smooth; set aside.

In a double boiler over very low heat, melt butter & chocolate.

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, using an electric mixer, beat eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. With mixer on low speed, add melted chocolate and butter to the eggs; incorporate well. Add black bean mixture, vanilla & salt; mix well. Add flour, combine thoroughly on low speed. Pour batter into prepared pan & bake until tester inserted in center comes out clean, about 25-30 minutes. Remove pan to cooling rack. After 10 minutes remove brownies from pan by pulling up on the foil and placing brownines on cooling rack to cool further. Cut into 24 pieces & serve.

Customize this basic recipe with instant espresso, a teaspoon of cinnamon or 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Great served with whipped cream or powdered sugar, or topped with walnuts (could affect PointsPlus values).